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The Grey Reef tail water is an excellent trout fishery. Clear, cool water from the reservoir maintains optimum water temperatures for trout populations and year round fishing opportunities.

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Age: 41
Home Town: Bozeman, MT
Current Residence: Casper, WY
Married or Single: In a relationship
How long have you lived and worked in Wyoming?
My first guide season in Wyoming was 2005
General Education/ Work Experience?
Majored in Political Science with minors in Business and fly fishing at Montana State University
Years experience as a fly fishing guide/wingshooting guide? Where? How did you get started?
My father moved the family from South Dakota to Montana when I was six. He claimed at the time the move was for work, but the fly fishing in Montana was so much better than Dakota that even as a first grader I knew the deal. Not long after our move Dad built me a fly rod and let me tag along with him and his buddies to the river. The nineties brought college and a ten year detour managing restaurants in Bozeman, MT. After a decade of struggling to find time to get out and fish, I left the restaurant industry and decided to become a full-time fishing guide. Now, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.
What do you like to do when you're not working? Hobbies?
I like to spend time with my girlfriend, tie flies and listen to fisherman exaggerate
What do you enjoy about being a fly fishing/wingshooting guide?
Guiding allows me to surround myself with people who share my passion for fishing and the outdoors. My affinity for the sport is reinforced every time I have the opportunity to pass along knowledge and skills that have been imparted to me by the great fishermen in my life.
What is your most memorable fishing/hunting experience?
I hooked a massive fish from the bank of Lake Lewis and Clark when I was five years old. I got drug fifteen feet through gravel while my father yelled, “don’t you let go of that rod!” He caught-up to me and anchored my waist while I landed a sixteen pound Flathead catfish. Though it was not the trophy-sized trout I had hoped for, I never forgot the adrenaline rush that came with having a heavy fish on the end of my line and wondering if I could land it
Pro teams or recognition within our industry?
Ross Reels, Winston Pro Staff
Type of drift boat?
The Flow Skiff by Adipose Boatworks
One must have fly rod?
For the North Platte it's a Winston 9' 6WT BIIIX
Favorite movie quote?
“No sir, that's the best bad idea we have."
Advice to give people coming to fish the North Platte?
This is not the river for a delicate hook set.
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