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The Grey Reef tail water is an excellent trout fishery. Clear, cool water from the reservoir maintains optimum water temperatures for trout populations and year round fishing opportunities.

The Largest Hopper Infestation in 30 Years!

Contrary to popular belief, there is quality dry fly fishing on the Platte River. Although the tail water stretch of the North Platte is recognized for some of the finest nymph fishing in the country, we have some exciting dry fly fishing. For those of you looking to catch large fish on dries, you won’t be disappointed. We are currently seeing average fish in the 18”-20” range. We get summer dry fly fishing on hoppers, caddis, tricos, and yellow sallies. The fall offers dry fly fishing on hoppers and BWO’s.

This Year the BLM is Expecting to see one of the largest grasshopper infestations in the past 30 years. This is not great news to local farmers and ranchers, but music to the ears of fishermen. We are currently seeing large numbers of hoppers on the banks and some are making it to the water. The past couple days have produced good dry fly fishing in the afternoon. Here are a few helpful hints if you are fishing hoppers:

Fish the banks and shallow riffles for the best success
Don’t hesitate to throw a large hopper with a smaller hopper trailing behind it
Make a longer cast than normal. These fish are holding in shallow water and are easily spooked

The North Platte also offers some unbelievable morning dry fly fishing with trico’s. Trico’s hatch almost every morning between July and September. The river often produces clouds of trico’s against the banks that keep fish looking up. The dry fly fishing gets very good when the spinner fall takes place. This occurs when mayflies fall to the water after mating, depositing their eggs in the river. These dead or dying tricos lay on the surface and are an easy target for trout. Here are some helpful hints when fishing a trico hatch:

Get on the water early. Trico’s hatch first thing in the morning and the good fishing is often over by nine or ten in the morning
Fish a point or indicator fly with a smaller more realistic dropper. This allows you to see your flies on the water and separate your bugs from the rest of the hatch.
I often use a size 16 Parachute Adams or a Royal Wulff as the point fly.
Run the dropper 8”-20” behind the point fly
Get a good drift. A drag free drift is essential to success

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Tight Lines

Blake Jackson
Fishing Manager/Guide

Crazy Rainbow Fly Fishing and Wing Shooting

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