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The Grey Reef tail water is an excellent trout fishery. Clear, cool water from the reservoir maintains optimum water temperatures for trout populations and year round fishing opportunities.


The Miracle Mile can often throw a curve ball at even the most avid anglers. Especially as water temps drop and ice is formed on the edges. It’s not like your typical cold water river fishing where you typically find fish in slower water, eating small bugs and very soft takes.  The Miracle Mile, in point of fact is completely opposite right now. As water struggles to reach 38 degrees even in the afternoon, fish are stacking up in the faster water near the top of the runs. They are eating bigger flies, with a shockingly aggressive take.

The day of fishing was very eventful to say the least. Very few fisher men and zero wind made the day that much better. Just be careful on the slick river bottom.  The Miracle Mile is fishing great so get out your cold weather gear and try your luck at some truly impressive fishing.

Pats rubber legs, #10 rock worm, #8 clouser craw fish, and #18 mayhem midges



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