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The Grey Reef tail water is an excellent trout fishery. Clear, cool water from the reservoir maintains optimum water temperatures for trout populations and year round fishing opportunities.

Dec 21,2014

Fremont Canyon

Guide Blog Synopsis of most current blog post

Water flow: View Flowchart 75 cfs
Visibility: 15 inches
Water temperature at mid-day: 46 Degrees F
Water condition: Clear
Best time of day to fish: Mid-Day
Best stretch: Meadow
Best access point: Cardwell Access
Fly fishing hatches in order of importance: Midges

“Must-have” fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance:

Fly Name: Fly Color: Fly Size(s):
Mayhem Midge Olive,Black 18,20
Jr’s Emerger Gray 20
Barr’s Emerger BWO 18,20
Ugly Bug Red Rock Worm Red 14
JuJu Midge Black 18
Mayhem Midge Black,BWO 18,20
JuJu Baetis BWO 20,22
Conehead Bow River Bugger White 4
Vanilla Bugger Vanilla 6,8
Macgruber Midge Black, Purple 18,20

Fishing season: January-December
Recommended fly fishing leader: 71/2 Foot Leader
Recommended fly fishing tippet: 4X Tippet
Best fly fishing rod: 9 Foot 6 Weight Fly Rod
Best floating fly line: Trout WF
Best sinking fly line: Clear Sink Tip

Purple FWX

We just received a shipment of Nautilus Custom Colored Fly Reels.  We got two new colors, The ever seductive Purple and the very bold Blue.  Both of these reels are the FWX Series in the 5/6.  They still have all the awesome features of that the FWX is known for, but they now allow you to make a statement on the river!

Blue FWX

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