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Sage TXL

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The Sage TXL Fly Rod Series provides not only the high quality casting and fishing rods, but fine looking rods, as well. These gorgeously appointed fly rods utilize a nickel-silver uplocking reel seat with a Vera Wood insert, and are finished in a pleasing transparent gold color. Through the use of Generation 5 Technology, these fly rods are capable of delivering very fast line speeds, when called upon, for such easy-casting, smooth fly rods. Another result of the G-5 graphite placement is the low-profile ferrule employed by Sage in the TXL series. These sleeve ferrules allow for a continuous flex through the ferrule, resulting in smooth casts, with no flat spots, and a smooth transfer of energy when fighting a fish. These ultra-light fly rods are available in 000 through 4 weight, and in lengths of 6’3”, 7’0” or 7’10”. Their ultra-light weight ensures delicate fish-fighting abilities, as well as fly presentation. The shorter lengths make these fly rods great for fly fishing tight cover, small tail-outs and pocket water. So, if small flies, light tippets and delicate presentations are your game, the Sage TXL is your fly rod!

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