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It’s really about making your fishing better. That's why Scott has been pushing fly rod technology forward and have been leading the industry in innovation for 35 years. Scott still handcrafts every fly rod with pride, one at a time, in the shop in Montrose, Colorado, cutting precise patterns from custom made graphite materials, carefully creating cork grips, and lovingly wrapping each guide by hand.

The Scott Difference is also about taking care of you. It’s about making sure you’ve got the tools you need to enjoy your time on the water and to fish better when you’re out there. It’s about a 35 year journey down a path with good friends who share a love of fishing, the places it takes us, and the people we meet along the way.

The Scott Difference is all about doing it better.

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Scott A4 Women Series Fly Rod
Scott G2
Scott A4 Women Series Fly Rod Scott G2
Our price: $425.00
Our price: $745.00
A4 Women Series Fly Rod
If you stalk big, wary trout with tiny flies, long leaders and light tippet, look no further for the perfect fishing tool.

Scott S4S
Scott S4S
Our price: $775.00
Fly Fishing in saltwater is evolving. Leaders are longer, tippets finer and fly sizes smaller. Add to that incessant winds, flat light from clouds, and competition from other guides and anglers, and the saltwater game is as challenging as any in fishing.